Boahaus Classic Sideboard 1 door, two compartments, 2 open shelves, Brown

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The Boahaus Classic Sideboard with a solid design is the one you should have in your home. When storage is needed and you want to complement your living room with a good style, this fabulous sideboard is your best choice. Set it on a wall across from the front door to greet guests, use it to stage leaning mirrors and potted greens for a look of earthy elegance, then add in a touch of personal appeal with a few framed family photos. Subtle enough to beautifully blend in, it features a door with two large closed compartments perfect for storing books, magazines, or anything you would like to have near your front door. Give it a stylish décor putting your favorite souvenirs on the open shelves and impress your friends with tales of your adventures when they notice them. These products fulfill ISTA 3A standards to ensure optimum safety during transit.


  • 27" H x 57" W x 16" D
  • Two closed compartments to place your media components
  • Two open Shelves to place your best décor gadgets
  • Assembly Required
  • Engineered Wood (MDP 15mm) With Brown Melamine Veneer (3mm)

 You can Download the Assembly Instructions HERE