Boahaus Gera Armoire

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Are you looking to add closet space in your room with a modern, elegant product that has many features you will have it? say no more; the Boahaus Gera Armoire, a Double Door armoire, is what you are looking for. One Double Door, a very spacious cabinet with an interior hanging rod will allow you to hang your shirts, suits, pants, or dresses. Five Interior shelves will give you that extra storage space you need for your folded clothes, accessories, purses, bags, or decorations. The bottom of the armoire has two open shelves to keep your shoes and footwear. This piece of furniture is perfect for your home because its color combination and design give any home a modern look. This armoire is designed to be placed in a bedroom and is made of particle board with a finish. Product dimensions are 39.37"W X 19.69"D X 59"H.