Boahaus Kolkata Desk

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If you are looking for a large desk with plenty of storage space and is comfortable, ergonomic, and luxurious, you are in the perfect place. Well, this spectacular office desk or table meets all the functions you need, thanks to its four shelves allows you to store files, photos, decorations, and much more. Furthermore, it is super sturdy and easy to accommodate in any space. In addition, it is practical and has an excellent area so you can adapt your legs with comfort. The Boahaus Bengaluru desk will be anything you may need for your home office; a modern design desk that will give you an excellent and option to set up your home office with a 33.8-inch x 19.8 - inch top surface will provide the space you need to work comfortably with a laptop and monitors plus the right amount of space for keyboards and a mouse. Another great feature is the shelf below the top, where you can put documents or items you may need handy while working on your desk. On the left side, a bookshelf with four very spacious shelves will allow you to store your books, notebooks, or any decorative items you may need.