Boahaus Kochi Desk

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The Boahaus Kochi L-shaped Office Desk features ample storage and storage of accessories, a hefty load capacity, and a thick panel that makes the desk sturdy. It has easy access for your legs and stores all your files, documents, laptop, consoles. Plus, underneath the desk, you will find plenty of space to keep your legs relaxed and place your CPU or other supplies. Thanks to its four bare shelves, you can keep essential files, store books or files you need at hand. Its excellent design is original and seeks to create ideal storage space in a medium-sized desk, which does not take up much space, is very efficient for people who must have many files, books, or documents. This desk is characterized by ample space and structure easy to accommodate in any place, office, or home. The Fresno computer desk is a sleek and contemporary L-shape desk, perfect for corner spaces. Its excellent design offers many features such as: Great legroom space to work comfortably, Multiple open shelving tiers provide easy space-saving storage or décor area. Dual tabletop areas keep your workspace clutter-free. Fits perfectly in corners whilst providing maximum space, Product dimensions are 47"W x 47"D x 32"H. It is made in engineered wood.