Boahaus Yangon Desk

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Is limited space in your home bringing you down? Not for long! Create the convenient space you need to work on projects or write out your bills without having to take up a huge amount of space in your home with this Boahaus Yangon Desk. Whether it is folded or unfolded, this desk was created to make the best of a small area. Specifically made for rooms with limited space available, you can use this product as a desk, dining table, or extra Desktop space. This product is wall-mounted, easy to install, comes with a frame that will still bring with a beautiful light oak finish, and can be used as a small shelf for items you may need handy when using the table. A bracket system allows the table to fold and unfold quickly, while a German pin locking system enables you to hold the table in place to do your work. The tabletop dimensions are 39" W x 17.5 D, Frame depth is 4" Wide. Product dimensions are 18"D x 39.3" W x 20.3" H. This product is made with particleboard.