Boahaus Nanterre Kitchen Island

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The Boahaus Nanterre kitchen island and you are the perfect match. A ton of features make this product your best partner in the kitchen. Starting with its size, a long yet narrow countertop (18.1" D x 53.5" W) will provide you with that extra space you were looking for without getting in your way. The modern design and color combination will make it stand out and turn heads. Featuring a Double Door cabinet with four very spacious interior shelves will allow you to put away those big pots and pans in an organized manner. Two open shelves allow you to place your more frequently used items that you want handy. The storage features are complemented by one drawer with a lot of room to fit plenty of silverware and utensils. Also, two towel hangers are a nice extra touch. Casters will provide mobility when needed with a locking mechanism that will secure the product in place whenever you want it.