Boahaus Le Mans Kitchen Island

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Are you looking to have more space in your kitchen while improving your interior? With a rustic style where the materials are noble naturally comes our fantastic product with a melamine design that creates a feeling of oak in the eyes; this kitchen island design creates a cozy environment. Still, with an informal and modern atmosphere, the Boahaus Le Mans Kitchen Island comes to optimize all your spaces inside and outside the kitchen, in addition to providing a touch of elegance to complement its excellent design and ergonomics. Its optimal size allows this kitchen island to be adapted in confined spaces, and thanks to its lightweight design, it will enable easy adaptation in any room. The Le Mans Kitchen island is a must-have in your kitchen. Described as the perfect mix of functionality, elegance, and superb design. With a two-level countertop, this product has many features for your convenience. It is made with engineered wood and a combination of colors that will match your kitchen decor.