Boahaus Bullita Pantry Cabinet

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The Boahaus Bullita Closet Stand is a beautiful Pantry, especially for storing kitchen accessories, cleaning, and cleaning areas. Fabulous furniture, very efficient and practical, to accommodate any space in your home, its modern style allows it to look nice anywhere. This beautiful Pantry has five shelves to put everything you need, such as soaps, towels, bags, and much more. It also has ample space on the right side to store toiletries such as mop, broom, etc. Featuring a tall frame standing at 72" high, you will find inside a broom and mope hanger tall enough also to fit a bucket and cloths. The final touch is the four different size shelves that will allow you to store your cleaning supplies safely. Product dimensions are 20.1" W x 15.1" D x 71" H. It is made with engineered wood.