Boahaus Béziers Pantry

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This spectacular pantry, perfect for small spaces, with an ergonomic, modern, and contemporary design, is ideally suited to your needs to store many kitchen accessories in minimal space. Thanks to its great height, you can store what is necessary to keep a kitchen in good condition, and free of clutter. It is easy to use, assemble, and move, thanks to its design, size, and weight. If you are looking for a pantry that does not take up much space and is beautiful and efficient, look no further; ask for yours now. The Boahaus Béziers Pantry is a great station perfectly designed to maximize your kitchen storage space. With a width of 15.7", it will fit in areas with limited room available. Featuring a top cabinet with a 24" height will allow you to store tall items, two middle shelves are perfect for everyday use or decorative items, and a bottom cabinet with two interior shelves will maximize your storage space. Metal adjustable legs will provide an elegant touch to this pantry. Product dimensions are 15.7" W x 13.7" D x 78.7" H.