Boahaus Commarque Tray Table

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Don't you have anywhere to place your things when you are sitting on the sofa? The Boahaus Commarque - tray table is perfect to After a day of hard work, while you are lying on the couch, it will allow you to keep your laptop or snacks close by while watching your favorite TV show or movie. Also, this piece keeps all the drinks and snacks right by your hands. This tray table is a fantastic addition to your space. The most striking features of this tray table are its two main characteristics; the first one is a set of four caster wheels with a locking mechanism; it will help you move the tray around quickly. The second feature is two open side shelves that will allow you to place your documents, books, or essential items that you need handy. Product dimensions are 28.7" H x 19.7" W x 15.8" D. If you are looking for this item to go under your sofa, please consider that the height clearance from the ground to the top part of the bottom board is 2.5" Inches. It is made of manufactured wood in different finishes.