Boahaus Long Beach Tv Stand

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Include in your entertainment space a sophisticated The Boahaus Long Beach TV Stand that gives you a design that satisfies perfectly aesthetic pleasures of the good furniture lovers, a stand that, thanks to its laminate, needs less maintenance and has a higher resistance; this TV stand up to 65'' definitely has one of the colors that more spaces give in the living room, in combination with white walls and delicate shades, this one cause spaciousness in the environment. its cabinets and shelves allow a perfect use for indispensables elements, has two cabinets of 18''H x 14,7''W that allow accommodating oversized sound players, big and smalls books or valuable items, thanks to its doors they provide greater security and wear care of elements that are inside due to dust or water, has three concealed shelves that allow keep ours devices of constant use in a place of easy access for everyone, its concealed top shelve has a cable management hole to maintain order; also it´s fits perfectly to any console, their others two concealed shelves allow to accommodate decoration accessories, like plants or photography's. You can use it in bedrooms, living rooms, or a buffet table to accommodate utensils or others; thanks to its resistance and ergonomic bases, it allows easy mobility of the furniture without affecting the floor. Its measures are: 59''W x 20.2''H x 14.5'' L.