Boahaus Eibar Nightstand

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Are you one of those people who can't find a place to put all your stuff and accumulate much clutter all over your room? The Eibar Nightstand is perfect for you. This piece of furniture can be placed in your bedroom, your children's room, or even the living room. You will be able to see these spaces much more organized. its excellent design gives a touch of elegance to the space you want to decorate. It is lightweight and very ergonomic. You can store books, notebooks, and many more accessories such as stuffed animals or photographs. It is a piece of furniture that gives life to the space where you want to put it. The Eibar Nightstand features an Open Shelf that measueres 22.4"W X 11"D X 8.6"H, and the top that can be used to place a lamp, picture frame or decoration. If you're worried about where to put it, that won't be a problem anymore because its dimensions are 24.8" W x 11.8" D x 23.8" H. It is made of engineered wood.